Send WhatsApp message without adding to contacts

Just enter the number below and press "Start chat" to open a chat on your device

Send message on WhatsApp without add to your contacts

With this tool you can easily connect to business, people or other entities without the trouble of adding the number to your contact list

WhatsApp no contacts

Copy paste your number with the international prefix in the input above to start a chat without the need of creating a new contact in your phone, this tool is not affiliated with WhatsApp or Facebook.

Why cant you start a chat on WhatsApp without them in your contacts?

To be honest i don't know why, and its really frustrating to not be able to do this, thier is a lot of small business that uses whats app as thier main way to communicate with customers. My only real guess is that it is for preventing spam bots.. I develop this easy site to get around this enjoying part of WhatsApp.